Collection: Seaglass Collection

The SariBlue® Cultured Seaglass Collection includes earrings and bracelets using eco-friendly cultured seaglass. Cultured Sea Glass, or Beach Glass, takes discarded glass often found near the ocean or beach and creates usable, recycled materials, in this case beads. The process involves taking discarded glass and tumbling it to create perfectly smooth and uniform beads with the frosted detail created by nature. The process also allows for a greater range of colors to be used than what is traditionally seen in sea glass. We have become obsessed with this material in our designs and think that it is perfect to wear all year. Seaglass is truly a metaphor for life, renewal, rebirth and healing. Bringing together ocean vibes and the evil eye talisman for protection and good luck you cannot go wrong. We use high quality, ethically sourced components that make unique designs to wear everyday and for special celebrations. You can find detailed descriptions of our materials in each listing.